Online Studies in Georgia – Why Do It?

If you are considering attending higher education, online studies should be one of your options. Online studies have many advantages and for this reason there are many students that decide to enroll in a program. If you are wondering which institutions offer the best online programs, you should look into Georgia’s universities.

Why Georgia?

In Georgia, you can find many high-quality higher education institutions. The quality of the programs of these institutions is also reflected in the online programs offered in this State. Indeed, in Georgia you can find a great number of online schools that students from all over the world have enrolled.

Online studies have the advantage that they are not limited by the student’s residence and situation in life. For this reason, they attract diverse students, as they can cover all of their different needs.

What you can Study through Online Courses in Georgia

Attending online studies in Georgia will not limit your options. Institutions in this State offer you programs in the majority of the sectors, be it arts and humanitarian sciences, to medicine and agriculture.

Online studies in Georgia expand from undergraduate to postgraduate and doctoral programs. This makes them exceptionally great for people that wish to continue their studies, but need to continue working at the same time. Obtaining a higher can give a significant boost to their career.

Cost of Attending Online Studies in Georgia

One of the biggest reasons that students often prefer to enroll in an online program is that they are usually more affordable than traditional programs. This is even more apparent in Georgia, as even the traditional programs are more affordable than universities in other States.

Moreover, some of the online schools in Georgia offer additional motives to out-of-state students. If you take a look at their tuition fees, you will find out that they offer to students from other States, the tuition fees that only the in-state students pay.

No matter where you live though, keep in mind that online schools in Georgia have tuition fees that match those of the on-campus programs.

Are There Any Free Online Courses Available?

Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Georgia have joined the initiative of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). The MOOC are courses that are offered for free by various institutes. The student who attends those courses can obtain a certification of attendance with a small amount of money.

However, the MOOC neither is a part of a program nor is the student able to gain credits from this course. This means that the aim of the courses is the personal development of the student.

Scholarship Options in Georgia

Online studies in Georgia are indeed affordable. However, students with financial problems might still struggle to attend one. For this reason, there are scholarships that aid those in need. The most notable scholarships you can get are:

  • COAG Scholarship, that provides the amount of $1,500
  • Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant, that provides the amount of $1,350
  • Georgia Mining Foundation Scholarship Program, that provides the amount of $1,000
  • ARRL Charles Clarke Cordle Memorial Scholarship, that provides the amount of $1,000
  • Best Practices of Certified Educators, that provides the amount of $1,000

Before apply for any of these scholarships remember to check their requirements, as they are different for each one of them.

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